Mount Diablo Metal Detecting Club

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2022 Monthly Mini Hunts

Please be aware that all hunts are for current members only!

You may join the club ($24.00 for individual membership, $30.00 for family membership) prior to a hunt.


August Mini Hunt

Cost: $10.00

Hunt Rules:
No digging tools.

No over-sized search coils.

Everyone on the hunt field must pay the hunt cost of $10.00.

All hunters need to be using a metal detector to find the targets. No one is allowed to walk around the hunt field to find targets without a detector.

No sharing of a metal detector. If you do not have your own metal detector, the club has a few loaners that you can use.

If you have any questions about the hunt, or if you get lost on the way to the hunt, contact Hunt Chairman Neil Andre at 925-242-1369